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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2019 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey continues its assault against the kurds in northeastern syria to find calls to stop from the pentagon in washington we oppose and are greatly disappointed by turkey's decision to launch a unilateral military incursion into northern syria we are not abandoning our current partner forces meanwhile footage has emerged apparently showing an i.a.s. terrorists and their families trying to escape the detention camp guarded by the kurds also coming up. after
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a 27 year old german man and mitts he was planning a massacre at a synagogue on wednesday we ask how much protection do germany's jewish communities need to know are they getting it. plus it's one of her noise hot spots for selfie seekers that's now vietnamese police are cracking down on a photo craze they say has gone off the grid its. public spicer thanks for joining us the u.s. military is warning turkey that its incursion into syria could jeopardize progress in defeating the so-called islamic state kurdish led forces in the region say they can't detain prisoners and hold back the turkish military the pentagon is calling on its nato allies to halt operations. there has already been one explosion near an
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outpost of u.s. special forces and the u.n. says 100000 civilians have fled their homes since the offensive began 3 days ago. the kurds worst nightmare attacked on all sides pounded by turkish artillery again on friday sowing death and destruction on the ground. this is the 6th time we've had an explosion in the city people are afraid of this house you see here they were children playing a mortar fell and killed a boy the girl she lost her leg. meanwhile a deadly car bomb claimed by so-called islamic state exploded in the kurdish town of commies. turkey is battling for territory held by its enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces ankara says the offensive will secure turkey's border and create a safe zone for syrian refugees. u.s.
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troops on patrol a few kilometers from the conflict zone a zone they evacuated just days ago clearing the way for the turkish assault now the u.s. is trying to put the genie back in the bottle threatening sanctions. this operation puts our s.t.'s partners in harm's way it risks the security of isis prison camps and will further destabilize the region. c.c.t.v. footage of a large campus tens of thousands of family members of militants shows an apparent escape attempt the camp is controlled by kurdish forces they say the situation there is critical turkish president rich of type everyone has lashed out at criticism of the invasion have no doubt said we won't stop no matter what anyone says. because all those threats are coming from the left and the right for us to stop this. i've told mr trump and others if you're going to
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stop this stop it but you haven't so i will take matters into our own hands. now civilians who once fled the so-called islamic state are again desperately seeking safety as yet another humanitarian crisis looms in syria. turkey correspondent is. on the border with syria she sent us this account of the situation there well i'm about 5 kilometers away from the syrian border which is to woods in this direction everybody here including us journalists has to keep a security distance as the turkish military has continued to hit the area old day they have actually fired the artillery has actually fired from right behind me to woods at this direction we heard the shelling the pounding very clearly very loudly today especially in the office at noon now the turkish army says they have taken some villages very close to the border inside syria and they're now
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surrounding some of the biggest cities especially. and while the turkish military says they're making progress the carnage fighters then northeast syria say they have so far been able to repel these attacks so very conflicting information that we're getting that. the white house is putting pressure on turkey to end its cross border operations in syria the trump administration says ankara could face economic sanctions if it persists our washington correspondent sent us this assessment. with issuing an executive order giving his administration broad authority to slap serious sanctions on turkey the president is now reacting to the tremendous pressure he's facing from all sides of the political divide here in washington d.c. . democrats and republicans their respective leadership as well as the rank and
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file are unified in their utter dismay of what they see is unfolding in syria right now it was his strongest republican allies in the senate who started pushing for severe sanctions against turkey early in the week and with that the administration had no other chance than to do what it is doing now threatening sanctions against turkey sanctions i quote that can target any person associated with the government of turkey and quote according to the secretary of treasury of course this looks like damage control for a problem the president created for himself on the other hand it now appears to be the only chance for real action the white house still has left on the new reality of a turkish military operation in syria and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine mary your vantage has told the house of representatives impeachment inquiry into donald trump that she was fired for not pushing ukraine to
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investigate his political rival joe barton she reportedly warned against what she called quote fiction and innuendo being used to manipulate our system. the ugandan government is reintroducing anti-gay legislation and says it will get enough support from lawmakers when put to a vote simon the kodo state minister for ethics and integrity has previously called for tough legislation criminalizing homosexuality after an earlier anti homosexuality bill was struck down by ugandan courts 5 years ago. and hopes for an end to 9 days of unrest in ecuador are fading after indigenous leaders rejected a proposal from the country's president to hold direct talks there demanding that president lenin reinstate a fuel subsidy that he live unaided as part of a stare any measures backed by the international monetary fund. and the fast moving
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wildfire near los angeles has destroyed more than a dozen homes and forced tens of thousands to flee the area officials say the blaze has already engulfed almost 2000 hectares and that it will probably take days to bring it under control schools colleges and key roads have been closed. german prosecutors say the man accused of killing 2 people in eastern germany on wednesday has confessed they say the 27 year old german has admitted to having far right and he submitted motives. the city of hala is still in mourning 2 days after the gunman tried and failed to storm a synagogue with worshipers marking the jewish day of atonement and then killed a woman in front of the building and the men at a nearby shop. the attack has shaken other jewish communities in germany and heightened fears over security detail has been to visit the jewish community and
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about 50 kilometers from. solidarity with the victims and the jewish community in neighboring desk how is in mourning including aleksandar some on the community's leader. reason go for we're all shocked it's awful. many people in our community are now afraid. and i'm not sure if though remain active in. the world. or. the community has long been afraid of violent attacks by right wing extremists the comms thought saw albert on you arrive at work and you just don't know what the situation might be. you're always afraid that someone might be there you know not exactly for me but such things really do happen.
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this this so the assassination attempt in holland so just the presence of neo nazis in general. here there's always fear. amongst the. death threats images of hitler found and there may box this is everyday life for the deaths our community but direct attacks and vandalism with swastikas also take place. liberalism we have to live with regard to recover we can't change the situation. what could we do. the jewish community and how it's small they have no budget for security measures that's why vesa man sent a letter to sex and the un has ministry of the interior but it refused to give financial support. removal this was if we have to undertake security measures there's no other option of those has given us about the safety of the school security is expensive but our members' lives are more valuable than security
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measures. if something should happen who would be to blame. after the attack and hello a police car was stationed in front of the building but someone and his colleagues do not know how long it will be that. the olympic gold medalist. holds the world record for the marathon and now he wants to do something no one has done before the 34 year old kenyan wants to run the 42 kilometers in less than 2 hours. each day is the fastest marathon runner of all time he set a new world record in berlin last year talking 2 hours one minute and 39 seconds a year earlier he came awfully close to breaking the 2 hour mark in an unofficial event missing out by just 26 seconds now he will try it again in vienna.
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named vienna 2 different things. probably having them put in the world cup. is. a treat for playing the past month. it does go on to 2 hours it will be a giant leap forward for the sport but it won't count as a world record as it doesn't meet the governing body i w a f the criteria are it's not an official race and pacemakers usually cannot rotate in and out in champions but even the i w f president hopes that may change in the future. it's not something that would be ratified as a world record. and look i have encouraged federations i've encouraged all. and eyes ations that want to promote to be created and sometimes think out of the box keep a is already a distance running champion that he knows success on saturday will make him
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imagined. and it's the end of the line for an instagram or a hot spot in vietnam's capital city annoy authorities have begun restricting access to alleyways straddling an urban train line saying that the throngs of picture takers are risking their lives for the perfect snap. a century old rail line now flanked by homes and businesses and vietnam's bustling capital hanoi. the alleys have become an iconic backdrop in the instagram era drawing tourists from all over eager to snap their own photos. enterprising locals hoping to cash and set up shops and cafes making the tracks a popular spot to hang out it's just so beautiful and the fact that you have coffee shops and people who are actually living in this area every day having to see this it's quite remarkable. but authorities decided to put an end to the fun after
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a train had to make an emergency stop last weekend to avoid hitting tourists. they've put up barricades and signs ordering tourists to stay off the tracks no pictures allowed they've also ordered the real side cafes to bring their tables indoors business owners disapprove. i'm sad because it was a good tourist attraction that be should be promoting the i think the authorities should find solutions that balance the 2 sides in this like they need to ensure safety live and at the same time showcasing how beautiful and lively vietnam and the people here are. to make sure everyone complies with the new rules police are on patrol many tourists say authorities have gone too far and erring on the side of caution some bold they'll get their photo no matter what. i'm getting from that because could it could all get ugly and think that the joke but i would try i be
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trying to get the model morning of the day every day you. know the area is a little less lively and for hanoi visitors there will be no more photos souvenirs like these. and you're watching news live from berlin next peiser don't forget you can get all the latest news around the clock our website and steve dot com. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a meeting with dictatorship with just one t.v. shot now and if you just pay for this one official information as a journalist i have more calls this transfer name you can trust and their problems are always the same 14 the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. should we can afford to stay signing.


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